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Our Products

Hotel mapping, room mapping, and more. All under one roof.

Hotel Mapping

Maximum coverage with advanced machine learning
Workflow automation: data collection to updates
Instant insights with user-friendly dashboards
Unrestricted supplier integrations
Monitor partner performance with our affiliate feature
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Room Mapping

Modeled with 400M+ room dataset for depth & accuracy
Advanced NLP for room info extraction
Get standardized, structured, detailed room data
Custom room mapping for your specific business needs
Multilingual support
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Hotel Content

Streamlined listings: recent, relevant & managed content
Enriched metadata & high-quality premium images
AI-enhanced visual content descriptions
Aesthetically ranked visuals for maximum appeal
Multilingual capabilities for worldwide accessibility
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Striving for Perfection

Our journey involves continuous growth, ongoing evolution, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence

Room descriptions
Enhanced hotel images

Why cupid?

Cupid utilizes cutting-edge search & ranking algorithms, advanced machine learning, and large language models for precise, accurate mapping and enhanced hotel content.

Increase Revenue
Minimize losses with precision mapping, preventing errors and unlocking new opportunities
Real-time Insights
Track and manage your inventory mappings with an intuitive, real-time dashboard
Automated Mapping
Streamline your mapping from data upload to collection with automated ease
Superior Hotel Content
Elevate your listings with enriched, consistent static content, optimized for quality and appeal

Frequently asked questions

Hotel mapping, room mapping, and more. All under one roof.

What does Cupid do?

Cupid specializes in developing fast, accurate, and cost-effective mapping solutions for the travel industry. Our tool has been built by data analytics and hotel experts, and is designed to address the common problems and challenges faced in hotel mapping.

How will Cupid benefit my business?

Cupid offers a multimodal hotel mapping management platform that saves time and manual work through automation. With direct connectors and exports to your systems, our innovative approach matches your data to your suppliers, increasing coverage, efficiency, and potential revenue. Additionally, we provide actionable insights and analytics, affiliates functionality, and the ability to choose other algorithm models such as Giata, or even your own. Gain a bird’s eye view and focus on outcomes to streamline your hotel mapping process with Cupid.

What differentiates Cupid from its competitors?

Cupid offers a mapping management platform that maps directly to your partners’ properties without relying on a global lookup table. This ensures better coverage, including vacation rentals, new properties, or updated properties. Our platform features a clean user interface with powerful analytics and insights that can be shared with your affiliates. Additionally, our fully-automated system allows for custom mapping update scheduling. Think of Cupid as more than just a mapping tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that doesn’t limit you to our mapping algorithms. You have the freedom to use other platforms or even your own, while still benefiting from our automation, insights and analytics, and other features.

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