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Our benefits

Increased conversion rates

Reliable and appealing content drives better booking volumes and higher conversion rates.

Reduced operational costs

Partnering with Cupid for content management saves time and resources in content curation.

Enhanced experience

High-quality, accurate content improves customer satisfaction and decision-making.

Global reach

Multilingual content broadens the market reach, appealing to a diverse customer base..

Attribute analysis

Breaks down room descriptions into recognizable attributes for standardization.

Duplicate elimination

Identifies and removes potential duplicates, ensuring accurate room presentation.

Dynamic data handling

Adapts to changes in hotel offerings, maintaining up-to-date and relevant room descriptions.

Key features

Comprehensive data source

Over 400 million room descriptions from more than 180 suppliers for in-depth room mapping.

Swift API

A user-friendly API operating in under 300ms for efficient integration.

Detailed Room Attributes

Key room features are meticulously extracted and presented, enhancing the richness of your listings.

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